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Curriculum and Instruction

At Swansea High School, we are committed to setting very high standards for learning and know that student-teacher communication is key to student success. For this reason, we encourage all of our students to adhere to the course requirements.  This level of rigor at Swansea High School builds a strong work ethic and forges a classroom and school community thereby preparing our students for post-secondary studies.  Several of the courses that are offered at Swansea High School falls under the general content area of Social Studies. 

Social Studies is a general term used to describe a variety of subjects including geography, history, economics, and government. It is important for students of all levels to understand American history as well as global history and geography. Social studies utilizes a combination of statistical information and literature to create an interesting and complex subject. Civil related topics and human society are covered as well. Social studies is taught on all grade levels, however high school students typically delve deeper into the complex humanity related and economic aspects of the subject.

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