Our Academic Environment

The dynamics of the Freshman Academy will allow for students to reap the benefits created by a small learning community. In a small learning community students experience a more personalized education which enhances learning through high levels of rigor, relevance, and relationships in a non-threatening environment.

A small learning community can greatly increase communication between all stakeholders, increase collaboration and increase the likelihood for academic success. Our small learning community will be broken up into two teams of eight core content teachers that will interact with their 125 students daily. The team will get to know every student, readily identify strengths and weaknesses of individual students and provide a timely intervention by utilizing data for each student.

The goal of the Freshman Academy will be to increase student attendance, provide positive behavioral supports and interventions, and ultimately ensure student success at the highest level by maximizing each students full potential.

SHFA will provide an opportunity for each student to accrue a total of 7 credits in math, science, English, global studies, and electives of choice. Each student will have full access to the entire curriculum and could accrue a total of 9 credits entering their sophomore year at Swansea High School. Students will have choice in the areas of the arts, honors/AP track, and career and technology opportunities.

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Science Unit Plans

Science Year at a Glance
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