The primary objective of the high school English curriculum is to develop confidence in speaking, a love for literature, the ability to analyze and evaluate literature through writing and essential communication skills. Swansea High School is committed to developing literary analytical skills and writing excellence through our many English choices.

At the high school level, the State Curriculum documents integrate the format from the Pre-K - 8 State Curriculum with the language from the Core Learning Goals. The Pre-K - 8 State Curriculum format begins with content standards or broad, measurable statements about what students should know and be able to do. Indicator statements provide the next level of specificity and begin to narrow the focus for teachers. Finally, the objectives provide teachers with very clear information about what specific learning should occur.

AP Literature Unit Plans
AP Literature Year at a Glance
English II Unit Plans
English II Year at a Glance

English III Year At A Glance
English III Unit Plans
English IV Unit Plans
English IV Year at a Glance

Mythology Year at a Glance
Mythology Unit Plan
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